WJ901-61i (high-tech model)

  • High quality sampled sounds, and monitor level sound effects with the latest high-end electric piano sound source
  • Interactive design concept, easily connect mobile terminals such as pc, smart phone, ipad
  • Convenient and fast app operation, so the operation is more concise and convenient
  • Bluetooth wireless transmission, smart upgrade expansion etc.

Product Parameters

  • Convenient, fast and smart APP operation
  • 61 keys semi-weighted standard size keyboard
  • Good writing and erasing resistance performance with superabrasive computer panel;
  • Equipped with monitor level full frequency sound reinforcement speakers and amplifiers
  • Equipped with full frequency sound reinforcement speakers and amplifiers that are at monitor level
  • Bluetooth MIDI transmission
  • Electronic display music theory scale (272 * 1 dot matrix display electronic scale, note name electronic display, roll name, notation, chord, interval, etc.)
  • Intelligent tricolor L ED notes displays a small staff member showing notes currently playing
  • Sounds: Internal 1 68 high quality tones (39 of which are folk music tones)
  • Rhythm type: built-in 100 kinds (infinitely expandable via Bluetooth)
  • Demonstration song: built-in 88 songs (infinitely expandable via Bluetooth)
  • 13 groups of large and small touch control systems (simultaneously control key tonality and staff display)
  • Touch sensitive lath large staff (human finger induction)
  • A large table showing the pitch spectrum of a tricolor LED
  • USB data transmission (connect to PC for product upgrade and MIDI data transmission);
  • Lossless audio balanced line input / output
  • Built-in functions: octave adjustment, slip wheel, vibrato wheel, volume adjustment, metronome, automatic accompaniment, recording, speed adjustment, etc.

Technicial Specifications

  • Control: It provides smart APP operation (ipad, smart phone terminal equipment is optional)
  • Key: 61 basic semi definite size standard key Cı- C4 (by setting eight degrees expandable. 8. 8 switches, A2 – Cı 5.)
  • Loudspeaker: full frequency loudspeaker
  • Interface: DC 24 V power interface, MIDI IN / OUT, USB HOST, balanced line input / output, pedal, etc.
  • Power: 75W
  • Power supply: DC 24V / 3A
  • Specifications: 1700 * 900 * 95mm