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Simulation Room

Topic: Solar System, Planets and Space

Place: Teleport Ship

Purpose: To be teleported to the field related to the educational content, to watch the learning content and to experimental teaching by solving problems in digital environment

Education Subject to be Covered

Our solar system, the movements of the planets, all the planets and their satellites, all the stars known by NASA and the movements and positions of all objects you see around you.

Teleport Ship

Students who takes the course enter the teleport ship

Hologram Captain

Hologram captain welcomes the students and says welcome to the teleport ship. Then, it says it is able to teleport them but they need energy for it. And it invites children to the Energy Loading Area to energize

Energy Room

In this area, children see themselves in an energy room on the screen that places opposite them. They gather together with the instructions of their teachers and wait in an act of holding hands. When the energy level rises, the holographic captain tells them to go to the bridge.


When the children arrive, the visual of teleportation begins, but something goes wrong. The teleportation is interrupted. The captain tells the kids that there is a malfunction and fix it at the control desk.

Interactive Problem Solving Tables

There are two tables with the same game, but different the content images. When the game, video and puzzle game is completed, the captain thanks again and the teleport continues from where it left off.

Space Travel with Teleport Ship

When the teleportation was completed, the image of ship disappeasr and space travel starts.

Features of Simulation Room

A simulation area is created in a room with a 40m x 3m 3-wall Projection or LED Screen.

Components of Simulation

  • Touch Table
  • Display with holographic narration
  • Interactive floor
  • AR – Augmented Reality System
  • Virtual Dressing Cabinet
  • Spaceship Simulation

Holographic Promotion

For real human size holographic image formation and lecture and welcome, the theme is completed with background lighting and decor (digital printing) by providing the scenario with writing.

Any software content suitable for any theme can be installed with computer system with integrated Intel I3 processor.

A Studio and / or 3D Animation service suitable for the theme will be provided.

Touch Screens for Spaceship Simulation

65 ”screen touch hardware integrated. 6 mm heat treated protection glass. With the integrated Intel I5 processor computer system, any software content suitable for any theme can be loaded.

Multi-touch feature that detects 10 touches at the same time and the software / game programming service suitable for the first theme will be provided.

Virtual Dressing Cabinet

55 ”screen virtual dressing cabin and 1-year virtual dressing license credit. Costume / outfit modeling suitable for each theme can be added.

With remote hand movements, it provides use without the need to touch the screen. Simulators can print photos while they are dressed if they wish.

Simulation Solutions

  • Airplane Simulation
  • Ship Simulation
  • Train Simulation