HeliosTouch Toy – Fun and Learn

It starts a new era in the world of entertainment for children: It makes children to have fun by combining play, learning and fun, allowing.

Why HeliosTouch Toy?

A Fun and Learning Experience for Children: Helios Touch Toy makes waiting fun. It motivates children and strengthens their self-confidence. It allows them to enjoy more playing games together.

More Freedom for Parents

Your conversations are not interrupted. The time pressure of children getting bored and wanting to leave during shopping or work is eliminated. You know that the children are having fun , so you will have a clear mind.

Higher Earnings for Entrepreneurs

It strengthens customer loyalty and enables new customers to be acquired. Customers with peace of mind are more likely to purchase services and products. It gives you the chance to advertise directly on the touch screen. Happy children bring their parents and friends back. It has a system that can be easily managed over the Internet.